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Speak stands

Speaker stands are platforms on which loudspeakers are mounted in order to improve the quality of the speaker’s sound.

In the 1970s[1,] musicians and high-fidelity enthusiasts discovered that lifting speakers off the ground and mounting them on something vibration-free improved sound quality. Ordinary household furniture was not designed with properties that would dampen vibrations and thus improve the speaker’s sound. As a result, speaker stands were purpose-built to remove any undesirable colorations caused by unwanted vibration.

1.This stand (pair) is intended for use in home and project recording studios.

2.The height can be adjusted to listen while sitting or standing and is secured with a security pin.

3.This stand is stable on any carpeted surface thanks to three adjustable levelling spikes on the bottom of the base.

4.The entire stand disassembles into three pieces for easy storage and transportation.

Smart Shelter Speakers floor stand allows you to position speakers at the desired height in an organized manner, giving you the perfect look and sound quality. Its foldable base design takes up the least amount of floor space and saves space when not in use.