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A hamper is any of a number of basket-like items. [1] In primarily British usage, it refers to a large wicker basket used for transporting items, usually food. In North America, the term generally refers to a household receptacle, usually a basket, for clean (out of the dryer or off the line) or dirty clothing, regardless of composition, i.e. “a laundry hamper.” A laundry hamper is typically used for storage and will be sturdier, taller, and have a lid, whereas a laundry basket is open and primarily used for transport.

Field workers used wide-mouthed harvest baskets.
A hamper is a wide-mouthed container of basketwork that is frequently carried on the back by field workers while harvesting fruit or vegetables by hand. The contents of the hamper can be decanted into larger containers or a cart, wagon, or truck on a regular basis.