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A mirror is a piece of glass that reflects light. When focussed through the lens of the eye or a camera, light that bounces off a mirror reflects an image of whatever is in front of it. Mirrors reflect light in an equal but opposite direction, reversing the direction of the image. This allows the spectator to see themselves or items behind them, as well as objects that are in their field of view but are at an angle from them, such as behind a corner.
A mirror is a type of wave reflector. Light is made up of waves, and when light waves reflect off the flat surface of a mirror, they retain the same degree of curvature and vergence as the original waves, but in the opposite direction.

Types of mirrors

By shape

Planar, convex, and concave mirrors are the most common.

Curved mirror surfaces are frequently shaped like spheres. Mirrors designed to precisely concentrate parallel rays of light into a point are typically made in the shape of a paraboloid of revolution; they are used in telescopes (from radio waves to X-rays), antennas used to communicate with broadcast satellites, and solar furnaces.