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Key Hooks

A keychain (also known as a key fob or keyring) is a small metal ring or chain to which several keys can be attached. The length of a keychain makes it easier to use an item than if it were connected directly to a keyring. Some keychains allow one or both ends to rotate, preventing the keychain from becoming twisted while in use.

A keychain can also serve as a link between a keyring and a person’s belt. It is typically used by employees whose jobs require frequent key use, such as a security guard, prison officer, janitor, or retail store manager. Because the chain is frequently retractable, it may be a nylon rope rather than a metal chain. The chain keeps the keys attached to the person who is using them, reduces the likelihood of accidental loss, and reduces wear and tear on the user’s pockets.

Use of keychains

A keyring, also known as a “split ring,” is a ring that holds keys and other small items and is sometimes linked to a keychain. Other materials used to make keyrings include leather, wood, and rubber. Samuel Harrison invented keyrings in the nineteenth century. [1] A single piece of metal in a ‘double loop’ is the most common type of keyring. Either end of the loop can be pried open, allowing a key to be inserted and slid along the spiral until it is completely engaged on the ring.