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A couch, also known as a sofa, settee, futon, or chesterfield (see Etymology below), is a multi-seater piece of furniture. It’s most usually found as a bench with upholstered armrests and springs, as well as designed cushions and pillows. [1][2] Although mostly used for seating, a sofa can also be used for sleeping. [3] Couches are typically placed in the family room, living room, den, or lounge in homes. They can also be found in non-residential contexts including hotels, commercial office lobbies, waiting rooms, and bars. Couches come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

The term “sofa” can refer to a variety of things.

a sofa; in Central Asia, outdoor furniture in the shape of a tray supported by four legs and covered by a rug, used for summer meals and occasionally sleeping;
EU SOFA is an abbreviation for the English phrase Status of Forces Agreement, which is an agreement on the status of foreign forces in the country where they are stationed. the Status of Forces Agreement of the European Union (an agreement signed by the European Union);
In medicine, the SOFA score is a soldier-slave from the Mali Empire.


The two-seater, often known as a loveseat, and the sofa are the most prevalent forms of sofas. The sofa contains more than two cushion seats, but the loveseat is designed to accommodate two people. A sectional couch, commonly referred to simply as a “sectional,” is made up of many sections (generally two, three, or four) that are joined at an angle of 90 degrees or slightly greater. Sectional sofas wrap around walls or other pieces of furniture.