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Bedframes & Bases

A bed frame, also known as a bedstead, is a component of a bed that supports the mattress and foundation (foundation), as well as a canopy. Wooden or aluminum bed frames are common. A headboard is a piece of furniture that sits atop a bed. To shield sleepers from draughts and cold in poorly insulated buildings, they were historically composed of wood, which is less thermally conductive than stone or brick.

The foundation of the bed

The component of a bed that holds the mattress in place is known as the bed base or foundation. The bedstead can support and frame the bed base (bed frame). Box-spring bed bases are so widespread in the United States that the terms “bed base” and “box spring” are interchangeable, while “platform bed” refers to any other sort of bed base.

A foundation’s measurements are typically 1–2 inch (2.5–5.1 cm) shorter than a mattress’s measurements. Mattresses may be omitted in hot climates.

Brass beds

The headboard and footboard of a brass bed are made of brass, while the frame rails are usually made of steel. Brass beds can be made entirely of brass or from metals that have been brass-plated.