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China Cabinets

A china cabinet is a piece of furniture that holds and displays porcelain (“china”) or other ceramics. It usually has glass fronts and sides. Cups, plates, bowls, and glasses are common items found in such cabinets. The china cabinet, along with a table, chairs, and a sideboard, is one of the most common elements of a traditional dining room in the Western world,[1] though it can be placed in any room. Historically, they were used for highly-decorated cabinet cups that were too expensive and possibly fragile for regular use, and were made for collectors or as gifts.


China cabinets are typically positioned against a wall, opposite a door or window. They are frequently placed in a prominent location where guests and the host can easily see and access the china, silverware, and glassware.

Worcester, circa 1805, Chamberlain’s factory. A caudle cup with two handles and a cover, painted with a pastoral scene.
China cabinets come in a plethora of styles, depending on their size, shape, and construction method.
[2] Shelves in traditional china cabinets are lined with silk or velvet, or they can be made of glass.