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A chair is a type of seat that is one of the most basic pieces of furniture. Its primary features are two pieces of a durable material attached at a 90°-or-slightly-greater angle as back and seat, with usually the four corners of the horizontal seat attached in turn to four legs—or other parts of the seat’s underside attached to three legs or to a shaft around which a four-arm turnstile on rollers can turn—strong enough to support the weight of a person who sits on the seat (usually wide and broad enough to hold the lower body from sliding) (usually high and wide enough to support the back to the shoulder blades).

The legs are usually raised high enough so that the seated person’s thighs and knees form a 90° or less angle. [1] [2] Chairs are used in a variety of rooms in homes (for example, living rooms, dining rooms, and dens), schools and offices (with desks), and various other workplaces. They can be made of wood, metal, or synthetic materials, and the seat or the entire chair can be padded or upholstered in a variety of colours and fabrics.