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Television Stands

A modern open shelf stand with rich curved wood, metal support beams, and smoked glass shelving is shown above. Combining several of the elements of the furniture we’re showing you today, it’s an excellent introduction to the variety of TV stands you’ll come across when looking to buy your own.

To make your search for a new TV stand more focused, we’ve divided the major factors into three categories: design, material, and style. Within each of these categories, we focus on the various types of furniture you’ll come across and share a specific, appealing product example.


The general design that works best for you and your home will be the most important decision when purchasing a new TV stand.

Open Shelving

The open shelving design is quickly becoming the most popular, particularly for those seeking a less obtrusive setup that conserves space while providing an open visual element. Typically, a central frame holds several shelves and frequently includes a mounting bracket for the television.


The console design incorporates useful shelving and plenty of surface area into a compact piece of furniture with a single, holistic shape. The majority of models have closed shelving and a rectangular shape.