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Step stool

Step stools are halfway between a ladder and a stool, serving as a support platform for reaching targets at heights ranging from 2m to 3m. The most common modern type is made with two separate ladders connected to each other at the upper end, where there is a platform large enough to stand with both feet on it, with the rest of the steps in the same area, but not in all models, as some step stools have traditional ladder steps. This folding design arrangement eliminates the need for a fixed support on a wall, as a standard ladder does. They are so common in the kitchen that they are referred to as “kitchen knives” in some places.


Step stools can be used for a variety of purposes, including working at home. The ones with a wide platform are very useful for wall painters because they can walk on it without having to go up and down every time they need to change their work area by a few inches. They are used to change light bulbs and fluorescent lights in high-ceilinged rooms, to pick fruit in horticulture, and for other purposes. Photographers use them as well when they require a higher overall viewing point. Some models can be used as a stool.